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We will discuss Andriol because some may confuse this Andriolgenic steroid for being an anabolic type. Andriolstenediona, nicknamed "Andriol", has been studied in past years and the results show that people who take Andriol don't really show any significant fat loss or increase in muscle mass. Nothing concrete among the scientific data available is favorable towards the use of Andriol for performing athletes or body builders.

However, when this steroid is used, and it is available on the market, there are metabolic by-products that are converted to estrogens. The estrogenic effect won't become apparent in a male until he has taken an amount that is capable of producing this effect. The configuration of Anabolic Steroids most likely to be used in the sports field is either the injectable form or the oral form. It's possible, when the injection method is chosen, to inject under the skin or into the muscle itself.

Andriol (testosterone undecanoate) is definitely an orally active form of the anabolic steroid testosterone produced by Organon. This form of testosterone relies in oil and it is sealed inside a capsule to become taken orally. Based on the manufacturer, this process bypasses the liver and makes its way into the body like a fat with the the lymphatic system.

Theoretically this appears very worthwhile, however, sports athletes find Organon’s claims about Andriol don’t endure well. In doses of under 240mg each day effects are usually non-existent. With greater doses, effects are small at best. This leads someone to think the majority of the steroid isn't which makes it to circulation.

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